I’ve previously written about how entrepreneurs can use social media in a way that seriously benefits them, so now I’d like to focus on how social media can help charities reach their goals and enhance the organization. Unfortunately, far too few charities actually take advantage of the benefits of social media. Many charities are unsure how to use social media to help their cause and are too preoccupied with working on fundraising efforts and managing everything to work on developing new accounts and methods for the philanthropy. Over 65 percent of adults use social media sites, so it’s a fantastic source to reach more people. Here are some reasons why charities should focus on using social media to enhance their performance and reach more people.

Spread the word about events

Most charities frequently have events and opportunities for people to volunteer. Unfortunately, it often seems that charitable events, particularly by smaller groups, are woefully under attended, with many people saying they never heard about the event or knew much information about it. If you want people to volunteer more, you need to spread the word that your organization is looking for volunteers. You can post signs, list it on volunteer and job sites, or have information on your website, but that means people must be looking for those resources. It’s much easier to get noticed on social media than hope people notice a sign or visit your website.

Increase fundraising

Going hand-in-hand with spreading the word about events is fundraising. Social media allows you to spread the word about fundraising events, but it also helps you just spread the word about your philanthropy. As more people discover your organization and the cause it supports, they’ll be inclined to donate because they know it exists and can see what the overall mission is and how it’s being achieved. Sharing photos and posts on social media is a great way to connect with people.

Engage with followers

Social media also allows you to engage with your followers in a way you wouldn’t do otherwise. You can answer people’s questions about volunteering and what your organization does and get feedback from them that helps improve advertising and events. Creating a relationship with your followers encourages more people to volunteer and donate to the charity and it helps you stay up-to-date with news and opinions.

Tell your story
Every philanthropy has a story and sharing that story effectively is what makes you stand out. Learning how to tell your story is a great way to find more people sympathetic to your cause and gain supporters. Social media makes it easy to share posts about your philanthropy and details about the people who work for it and why they do so. Regularly updating your social media and sharing pictures makes your charity even more relatable.