Recently, Hurricane Harvey has battered Texas, particularly the Houston area. The storm is considered the worst to ever reach land in the United States and is more severe than Hurricane Katrina. News is continuously being updated and more and more people need assistance, whether it’s an emergency rescue, shelter, or simply food and water. Lots of people have headed to Houston to work as volunteers to help those in need, but there are plenty of other people who want to help out, but cannot physically go to lend aid. If you’re wondering how you can help the people affected by the flooding from Hurricane Harvey, here are some options and a few resources to check out.

Head there yourself

While I realize not many people have this option, it’s still worth mentioning. Texas residents who have boats and are available have been traveling to the areas affected by Hurricane Harvey and conducting their own rescue efforts. The shelters and philanthropies in the area have also been calling for people to volunteer their time, even if it’s simply handing out supplies for a few hours and helping the meeting coming to the shelters. The are will likely need help for weeks to come, so it’s alright if you weren’t there immediately.

Donate money to a good cause

Currently, many philanthropies are asking for financial assistance to help with relief efforts, such as purchasing supplies, finding shelter, and rescue attempts for those still in badly flooded areas. There are multiple organizations you can donate money to, but do some research to make sure they’re legitimate and the best way to help those affected by Harvey. Places desperately need financial assistance in order to provide the necessary services to those affected. Even if it’s a small amount, anything helps.

Donate items

While not as in demand as financial assistance, mainly because it can be difficult to get the items where they need to be or because people send items that aren’t actually needed, it can still be helpful. Sending material assistance is useful and there are specific charities asking for items, including many food banks that are asking for food and water. Other in-demand items are diapers, medical supplies, and clothes.

Stay updated on news

In addition to the ways listed above, you can also help out by keeping up-to-date with the news. If you’re in an area that’s bringing in people from flooded areas, be aware and learn how you can help locally. Animal shelters across the country are taking in pets and strays and they need volunteers and funds. It’s also important to be aware of whether or not your area could be affected by Harvey and what to do to remain safe.