A recent survey from Petsmart Charities, shows that those surveyed do not have an accurate estimate of how many pets are actually in need of a home. The survey results reveal that 84 percent of people surveyed, many of whom are current pet-owners, estimated that less than 1 million animals enter shelters each year. Unfortunately, the number is much higher, clocking in around 6.5 million new animals coming to shelters every year. While this lack of knowledge can be daunting and shows the issue of animal welfare in the United States, there is good news.

Views toward adoption

Luckily, current trends show that adoption is often the first method people pursue when looking for a new pet. People are becoming more aware of the issues that come from encouraging breeding of purebred dogs, whether from a certified breeder or a puppy mill. It’s becoming common knowledge that there are many more pets who need homes and it’s unnecessary to encourage breeders to continue letting their dogs have litters when so many dogs are in need of a loving home. Rescues have sprung up across the country, many of which focus on a specific breed of dog.

Most people consider pet adoption a worthy cause and something that should certainly be considered when looking for a new pet. It’s fairly easy to find the type of animal you’re looking for and you can find out about the temperament of the pet as well. Because there are so many animals in need of a home, it’s fairly easy to find an adoption center near you; they’re all over the country!

Solution to the issue

While many people adopt pets, there are unfortunately a large number of people who do not consider adoption. According to the results of Petsmart Charities’ survey, 96 percent of respondents overwhelmingly believe that more pets would be adopted if information was easily available on how to adopt pets. The survey results also show that a solution to this lack of knowledge would be for local adoption agencies and pet stores to circulate information on how to adopt pets and how beneficial adoption is to the pets and owners.

Benefits of pets

While people who already have pets can tell you the immense joy pets bring to their lives, there are lots of people out there who do not want the responsibility of a pet or think they would not enjoy the experience. Petsmart Charities’ survey shows that those who own pets feel overwhelming benefits from this ownership, such as 94 percent of respondents believing that owning a pet is necessary for people to ensure their physical and mental well-being.

Another 92 percent of survey respondents stated that their children had at some point sought comfort from a family pet and it is actually a frequent occurrence. Other benefits cited are increased health, a better work-life balance, and decreased stress. Over half of those who took the survey reported that losing their pet would be worse than losing their job.

Overall, the survey results show that those who own pets receive great benefits from it and consider it an overall positive experience. The survey also shows us that more people should be provided with information on the benefits of adoption and how to do so. Moving forward, animal shelters, charities, and pet stores should be able to use this information to encourage more people to adopt homeless animals.