Philanthropy is a great way to truly make a difference in the world. There are lots of ways you can be philanthropic and find ways to help others. If you don’t feel like you can afford to donate money, you can donate your time. So many nonprofits exist that you’re sure to find a cause you feel passionate about and can set aside some time from your schedule to volunteer. There are various benefits to philanthropy beyond actually helping out an organization by offering your time and money. If you need more reasons why philanthropy is something you should definitely be spending time doing, read on.

Improve happiness

It’s common knowledge that doing good deeds for other people makes you feel happier and takes the focus off of negative aspects or events in your own life. A recent study shows that your happiness can improve by doing philanthropy. Even finding small ways to help out others like donating a few hours a month to an organization, helping out a neighbor, or spending a day every few months working for a philanthropy, greatly boosts your happiness and self-confidence.

Help out the local community

While you can choose from international organizations, there are also lots of philanthropies in local communities that can benefit from people’s time. Becoming involved in a local philanthropy is a great decision because it allows you to make a difference in your local community. It’s in your vicinity and you’re also helping out the people who live close to you. You’ll have a chance to really get to know other people in the area and make it a better place.

Reduce stress

Because philanthropy makes you feel good, it also helps with reducing stress. Reduced stress levels likely directly cause higher happiness and better health in those who volunteer, because stress can cause serious issues with your mental and physical health. Making a positive impact on someone else’s life makes you feel good and positive feelings help with high-stress levels.

Boost health

In general, your health improves once you start participating in philanthropy. Likely due to increased happiness, reduced stress, and the overall sense of well-being, research has shown that volunteering has significant health benefits. Your emotional state has a lot to do with your physical health, so when you feel good about something you’re doing, your body feels better. If you’re physically volunteering, that also usually involves moving around and even being outside, both of which boost your health.

Create strong connections

When you begin participating in philanthropy, you’ll begin to create new connections with people you likely wouldn’t have met before. Whether they’re fellow volunteers, people you’re helping out, or those running the philanthropy, you’ll make connections that could very well last an entire lifetime. You spend a lot of time with the other volunteers and have some interests in common, so it’s understandable that you’d make deeper personal connections outside of the organization.

Learn new skills
Depending where you volunteer, you may pick up a few new skills that benefit you in other areas. For some organizations, you’re taught how to build basic structures or help remodel or clean up a house. You might learn how to teach people skills, use new technology, or just get better at interacting with other people. No matter what, philanthropy is a wonderful opportunity to cultivate new skills.