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Different shaped baskets on a wooden floor, image used for mickey berlianshik blog on how to host a successful fundraiser

6 Ways to Host a Successful Fundraiser

Fundraisers are necessary in order for a philanthropy to continue to achieve their goals and work to better their cause. In essence, fundraisers are all about convincing people to use their money to enable your charity to reach its objective. You need to convince people that the philanthropy you work with is worthwhile and reliable […]

Two men with United Way aprons on serving food, image used for Mickey Berlianshik blog about fundraising ideas

4 Great Fundraising Ideas

For nonprofits, fundraising is a vital source of income that helps the charity stay open and provide the services they do. While some people view fundraising as just a way people ask for money and many organizations dread having to plan and run fundraisers, it’s still a vital part of philanthropy. Without fundraisers, most organizations […]

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