New York has become one of the world centers for philanthropy. Many large foundations and individual donors from New York spread their wealth throughout the world. The list ahead focuses mostly on philanthropic people and organizations that are not necessarily based in New York City but use part of their wealth within the city.

  1. Michael Bloomberg

While Bloomberg is a philanthropist of global scope, he is mainly focused on giving to institutions in New York City. Significant funds have been given to Young Men’s Initiative, a foundation for young men of color in the city. Millions of dollars from Bloomberg’s foundation have gone to mobile technology in NYC cultural institutions. The woman that has the most significant leverage in this is Patricia Harris, the CEO of the Bloomberg Philanthropy foundation.

  1. Ray Dalio

Although Dalio is based in Connecticut, he has a deep involvement in New York philanthropy. He makes considerable donations to the Dalio Foundation with the latest assets of $600 million. The funds go for private and charter education, community programs, and local libraries.

  1. Barry Diller

Along with his wife, Diane von Furstenberg, Diller has used his money to alter the landscape of the city. They are the largest donors of the High Lane. Recently, $130 million of their money have been promised to build an island park off of Chelsea shore. Other money from them goes mainly for art and educational grants.

  1. Maurice Greenberg

The chairman of Starr Foundation is one of the biggest funders in the city of New York. Most of the money going out is used for education, art, and healthcare. A more recent donation was the $25 million for endowing a Jewish nursing home.

  1. Judith Rodin

The president of the Rockefeller Foundation operates a sizeable global foundation. New York is one of the cities that are greatly benefited by their grantmaking programs. Things such as art institutions and low-income people receive substantial funding through the NYC Cultural Innovation Fund and the Opportunity NYC organization.

  1. Julie Sandorf

While the Charles H. Revson Foundation, of which she is a leader, is not the largest foundation in NYC, its presence has been felt throughout several major foundations. The foundation’s grantmaking programs are focused on education, medical research, library awards, and Jewish communities. Each year, $5 to $10 million from the foundation are invested in New York City.