With the busy world we live in, it can be difficult to give sufficient time to philanthropic efforts. While most people want to help out in some way, it might seem as though it’s impossible to actually make a difference with the little time you can give or not worth it if you know you cannot give any time at all. It can be difficult to balance the duties of family, work, and school, but it is possible to still be philanthropic even though you have an overwhelming schedule. Learn to participate in everyday philanthropy and find time for it even when your schedule is packed full.

Give small amounts of time

You might think that in order to participate in philanthropy, you need to spend hours each week volunteering at a specific organization, but you know you do not have the kind of time to commit to that goal. Instead of giving up completely, find small increments of free time you can use to volunteer your time to an organization. This block of time might be a couple of hours a month, but it’ll add up in the long run and any time you can give helps a philanthropy.

Pick up trash

When you’re walking around, take time to pick up litter you find on the ground. It’s a small gesture, but it’s important. So many people throw trash on the ground with little thought about where it ends up, but by taking some time to clean up discarded trash, you’re making a conscious effort to make the world more beautiful. Also make sure to recycle and properly dispose of your own trash! Recycling takes little effort and it can make a huge difference in the amount of waste you throw away.

Donate unwanted items

The majority of us likely have a large amount of clothes or items we no longer use or do not really need. Take time one weekend to sort through your closet and pull out the clothes you no longer need. Do the same with anything else in your home you aren’t using and then donate your unwanted items. Besides the benefit of helping out someone less fortunate, you’ll free up space in your home, which helps everything feel less cluttered and creates opportunity to redecorate or work on a new wardrobe.

Make regular donations

If you truly cannot find any time to volunteer with a charity, consider making a regular monetary donation. Organizations need money to function and many nonprofits rely on donations to keep running. Your regular donations help the philanthropy and allow you to contribute without worrying about using your time to volunteer.

Be kind to others

One of the easiest ways to find time for philanthropy is to practice being kind to everyone else. Smile at a stranger you pass on the street or give someone a random (and genuine) compliment. Adding kindness back into the world makes everyone around you feel good. You never know what someone is dealing with and being kind and polite to them, no matter how frustrating they’re currently being, could make their day in a way you never realize.