Fall is the season of coming together with friends and loved ones, as well as the season of giving. There is an abundance of ways in which we can give back to others thanks to a variety of favorite fall activities. Read on to discover how your organization can contribute this fall season with some delightful fundraising ideas.


Rake-a-thon has been made famous by Habitat for Humanity. The event usually entails volunteers raking yards in exchange for a suggested donation amount. Homeowners can be reached by members going door-to-door. However, an online platform for fundraising could be beneficial to organizations to collect donations in advance and organize the list of lawns that need to be raked.


At any time of year, bonfires are a fantastic method for gathering. In the fall though, there is something so spectacular about going to a bonfire – smores, homecoming football games, Guy Fawkes Day – the list goes on. Hosting a bonfire is a great way to partner with your local fire department for safety regulations. Connect with local businesses for pallet donations, sell tickets in advance to spread the word, and recruit volunteers to ensure a safe fun yet safe evening.

Orchard Walk

Fall is the season for apple picking, so why not host an apple picking walk? Partner with a local orchard to sell tickets. One of the most prominent orchard walks is hosted in Wisconsin by Apple Holler and their annual MS Apple Orchard Fundraiser. A 1-mile tour of the farm, bag of apples, and a t-shirt is included with registration.

Football Tournament

The fall season is football season, and it’s a fantastic time to host a football tournament. This can include traditional football, or switch it up and hold a Quidditch tournament for Harry Potter fans, or a powderpuff tournament with female players and male cheerleaders. Whichever you choose, ask participants to start a team, recruit their friends, and tap into their networks to raise a certain amount to compete in the tournament. You can go even further and break the event up into multiple divisions, such as competitive, casual, or kids division.

Grape Stomp

A grape stomp is a great way to sponsor a peer-to-peer fundraiser because it’s fun for both participants and onlookers. Partner with a local winery to sell tickets for tastings and entry into a grape stomping competition. Encourage participants to utilize their networks for donations and ask those stomping grapes to fundraise a designated amount for entry.