This year saw a lot of trauma, from a horrific hurricane season to the WHO survey that found that “One in 10 drugs sold in developing countries is fake or substandard, leading to tens of thousands of deaths.” In the midst of so much tragedy, seeing all the positive things that have come out of them can be hard, but I think it is important to highlight it. There has been an outpouring aid and charitable efforts this year.

In fact, more than 55 percent of Americans made a monetary donation to a nonprofit this year. This might not come as a surprise though, considering last year the United States totaled 390.05 billion dollars in charitable contributions.

Hurricane Season

After Hurricanes Irma and Harvey slammed the southern United States, along with Central America, “Just days later, Hurricane Maria hit Puerto Rico, and reports of an entire island of 3.4 million in the grips of starvation and disease,” inspired everyone to continue to band together.

We are in no way finished supporting the countries and communities impacted by the most recent hurricane season. That being said, I also think it is important to recognize just how quickly people banded together to help those in need. In the midst of it all, many worried about donor fatigue, but the giving only continued.

Giving Tuesday

This year, Giving Tuesday resulted in roughly 274 million dollars raised online with a whopping S110 average donation. People were most concerned with issues like causes that benefit the public, human services, health, education, animals, and the environment.

The giving didn’t just encompass the United States, but rather, the world. More than 150 countries participated.

Volunteer Efforts

Giving isn’t limited to just monetary donations. People came out in droves to offer aid and assistance this year. 62.6 million volunteers came out for National Volunteer Week valued at 184 billion dollars. If you find yourself wondering how much is an hour of your time worth to a charity, in 2016, an hour of volunteer time was valued at roughly 24 dollars an hour. If you can’t afford to make a monetary donation, consider this statistic and remember that contributing a little bit of your time can make just as big of an impact.


This year also revealed how technology is changing the philanthropic landscape. Platforms like GiveWell and Charity Navigator continue to pop up and hold nonprofits accountable while also providing donors with the chance to make a more educated donation.

Going back to Giving Tuesday, statistics show that 1,010,045 social media impressions for giving were tracked on that day alone. As people continue to engage in social media, charities continue to find ways to reach new supporters. In fact, giving online is the most popular method for donations with 29 percent of donations coming in this way.

While we are only halfway through December, the month where the most amount of people donate, this year makes the charity horizon look very bright.