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Tin with a plastic top on it that says charity bank, image used for mickey berlianshik blog about the best philanthropies in the united states

The Best Philanthropies in the United States

With over $350 billion given to charity in just 2014, the United States is clearly a leader in philanthropy across the global community. Individual donations, local secular societies, and large scale religious institutions all do their part to funnel the fruits of their success toward segments of society in need. While it should be said […]

Wheat field with a large storm cloud above it, image used for mickey berlianshik blog on how to help out during a natural disaster

How to Help People During a Natural Disaster

Unfortunately, it seems more and more common to hear about natural disasters. The world is more closely connected than ever before and the population has rapidly increased, leading to people living in places where few people lived before. As we hear about these natural disasters in the news, most people’s initial reaction is a desire […]

Space view of a large cloud on earth, image used for Mickey Berlianshik blog on how to help hurricane harvey flood victims

Ways to Help Out Hurricane Harvey Flood Victims

Recently, Hurricane Harvey has battered Texas, particularly the Houston area. The storm is considered the worst to ever reach land in the United States and is more severe than Hurricane Katrina. News is continuously being updated and more and more people need assistance, whether it’s an emergency rescue, shelter, or simply food and water. Lots […]

who people getting tags from a volunteer in blue shirt, image used for mickey berlianshik blog about how volunteering helps your career

How Volunteering Can Help Your Career

Career advancement is highly important for many people. They don’t just want a job; they want a satisfying career. Part of having a career is creating it. There are many ways to create a fabulous career including getting the right education, moving, and demonstrating your mastery of skills at work. However, one way of helping […]

Group of pink and green balloons with light shining through them, image used for Mickey Berlianshik blog about philanthropic birthday parties

The Rise of Philanthropic Birthday Parties

Participating in philanthropy has become increasingly popular with people throughout the world. In the United States, there is a seemingly endless amount of charities to choose from and causes to support. People often feel as though they have no time to commit to participating in philanthropy, such as volunteering or helping lead an organization. Other […]

Dog and cat cuddling in the grass, image used for Mickey Berlianshik post about views toward animal homelessness

Views Toward Animal Homelessness and Adoption in the United States from Recent Survey

A recent survey from Petsmart Charities, shows that those surveyed do not have an accurate estimate of how many pets are actually in need of a home. The survey results reveal that 84 percent of people surveyed, many of whom are current pet-owners, estimated that less than 1 million animals enter shelters each year. Unfortunately, […]

Social media swag and logos on a table, image used for mickey berlianshik blog on why charities should use social media

Why Social Media is Vital for Charities

I’ve previously written about how entrepreneurs can use social media in a way that seriously benefits them, so now I’d like to focus on how social media can help charities reach their goals and enhance the organization. Unfortunately, far too few charities actually take advantage of the benefits of social media. Many charities are unsure […]

Hands in front of a black background, reaching out

How to Start a Philanthropy

There are a lot of reasons why someone would want to start a philanthropy. Maybe, you want to connect it to your business, you have a significant amount of disposable income, or maybe you just feel called to support a specific cause. Whatever the reason you want to start a philanthropy, it can seem like […]

Two men with United Way aprons on serving food, image used for Mickey Berlianshik blog about fundraising ideas

4 Great Fundraising Ideas

For nonprofits, fundraising is a vital source of income that helps the charity stay open and provide the services they do. While some people view fundraising as just a way people ask for money and many organizations dread having to plan and run fundraisers, it’s still a vital part of philanthropy. Without fundraisers, most organizations […]

Globe with santa hat and dolls representing children of various nationalities in front of it, image used for Mickey Berlianshik blog about how to determine the legitimacy of a philanthropy

How to Know if a Philanthropy is Legitimate

Philanthropy has increased exponentially over the last several years with thousands of new charities appearing. However, with so many new charities, there are also more scams out there than ever before. Many people prey on those with a charitable mindset, advertising fantastic opportunities that don’t really exist or only donate a small portion of donations […]

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