How To Give Back During The Holidays Mickey Berlianshik

How To Give Back During The Holidays

The holiday season is now upon us which means there will be plenty of time to spend with family where you exchange gifts and enjoy delicious meals with your loved ones. However, this is also the ideal time to focus on gratitude and giving back. Making an effort to do good during this hectic time […]

Fall Fundraising Ideas Mickey Berlianshik

Fall Fundraising Ideas

Fall is the season of coming together with friends and loved ones, as well as the season of giving. There is an abundance of ways in which we can give back to others thanks to a variety of favorite fall activities. Read on to discover how your organization can contribute this fall season with some […]

New York Philanthropy The Most Influential People

New York Philanthropy: The Most Influential People

New York has become one of the world centers for philanthropy. Many large foundations and individual donors from New York spread their wealth throughout the world. The list ahead focuses mostly on philanthropic people and organizations that are not necessarily based in New York City but use part of their wealth within the city. Michael […]

Inspiring Philanthropy Through Story Mickey Berlianshik

Inspiring Philanthropy Through Story

If you want to take your philanthropy to the next level, then you should be using the power of story. If you don’t, you could miss out on the donations that your group deserves. However, here are some specific reasons that you need to know about how stories impact your ability to grow your mission: […]

Ted Talks On Philanthropy Mickey Berlianshik

Ted Talks on Philanthropy

One of the primary objectives of Ted Talks is the encouragement of philanthropy and charitable giving on a global scale. This initiative is achieved through a myriad of talks aimed at the principle of charity. Although it can often be overwhelming to narrow down the best Ted Talks focused on philanthropy, here are a few […]

How Are Millennials Affecting Philanthropy- - Mickey Berlianshik

How Are Millennials Affecting Philanthropy?

The state of philanthropy is in the midst of change. At this time, donors have a wealth of information at their disposal. They can find out about many different charities and the work that they do around the world much easier than they could have a decade ago. Giving has also become more convenient and […]

Why is Philanthropy Important to Society- Mickey Berlianshik

Why is Philanthropy Important to Society?

What is Philanthropy? Philanthropy is the desire to give to society for the good of humanity. Philanthropists contribute money, time or other assets to society to enrich the public good. Often, the public is unaware of the volume of philanthropy with which society is endowed. Why is Philanthropy Important to Society? The act of giving […]

Joining the Arts and Philanthropy - Mickey Berlianshik

Joining the Arts and Philanthropy

Art has a way of speaking to an individual, unlike any other inanimate object. Art can evoke joy, sadness, regret – nearly any emotion humankind is able to experience, simply just by gazing at the piece for a few moments. Yet, most funders do not wish to partake in this area. Art and culture seem […]

Two people sitting at a table, one with an open laptop, talking, Mickey Berlianshik blog about finding board members for your philanthropy

5 Tips for Finding the Best Board Members for Your Philanthropy

When you’re starting a new nonprofit or developing a board for an existing philanthropy, it’s important to find the best board for your organization. Leading an organization and making major decisions that affect everyone involved is a huge responsibility. For nonprofits, it can be even more challenging to find great board members because they’re often […]

Looking down over a neighborhood from the top of hill middle of street, mickey berlianshik, help neighbor

5 Ways to Help Your Neighbor in Need

Oftentimes, you might have a neighbor who could use a little help with something in their life. Whether they’re recovering from an injury, just lost a loved one, had a baby, or are elderly, there are various reasons someone in your neighborhood could need some help with errands or tasks around the house. Develop your […]

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