Many people express a desire to participate in philanthropy, but often complain that they have too little time to do so. I’ve already written about how to find time for philanthropy, no matter how busy you are, but here are some more tangible ways to actually get involved in philanthropy. It’s time to stop making excuses and actually go out and help people. As humans, it’s our personal responsibility to help others in need, especially when disaster and trouble is so prevalent in the world. If you are unsure what cause to support, there’s sure to be something out there that you feel comfortable with, you just have to look. These steps for becoming more involved with charities are relatively simple and shouldn’t take too much effort, so go out and get started on your philanthropic pursuits and make the world a better place!

Get into a habit of volunteering

Giving your time once a month or every few months is a good thing to do, because any amount of time spent volunteering is beneficial and can make a difference. However, getting into a regular habit of volunteering is even better. The philanthropy you choose to volunteer at knows they can rely on you and that you’re a responsible person who understands their mission. The more time you spend volunteering, the more connected you’ll feel to the cause and you’ll genuinely want to make a difference. Once you get into a habit of volunteering, it’ll just be another part of your routine and not something that takes significant effort to find time to do.

Give regular donations

Most reputable charities have websites where you can give donations online. All it takes is a couple of minutes to set up regular donations to a charity (or charities) of your choice. Even if the amount you give is small, setting up a monthly donation adds up over time. You can make a significant difference with your donations and are also recognized as a consistent donor, so you’ll receive news about your chosen philanthropy. You’re making a big difference with minimal time spent doing so!

Participate in spring cleaning

We all have plenty of belongings we no longer need or even use. Take time each year, even if it’s just a day, to clean out your home. Sort though the clothes you no longer wear, along with other household items. You’ll be amazed at the amount of stuff you have and realize you do not actually use. Donate the items to local shelters or donation centers. You’ve helped out other people and also decluttered your life in the process.

Make the holidays a time to volunteer

A lot of families choose to take time around the holidays, particularly in the winter, to help out other people. Whether it’s donations or spending a few hours helping out a family or organization in need, it’s a great tradition to start. Many people opt to volunteer in a soup kitchen or homeless shelter in order to make the holidays special for those who may not have a place to spend them. Talk to your family and make a plan together; since most people have time off during the holiday season, it’s a great opportunity to take advantage of more free time to volunteer.