Mickey Berlianshik is a seasoned entrepreneur in the New York City area. Apart from him real estate affairs, Mickey takes great passion and pride in his philanthropic endeavors.

Having grown up in Brooklyn most of his life, Mickey Berlianshik takes great interest in enriching his community in numerous capacities. Part of his reasoning for venturing off into the real estate development industry, was his drive and commitment to making a greater impact on the community around him. Since launching his own entrepreneurial pursuits in 2005, Mickey Berlianshik and his team have worked tirelessly to enrich the lives of the people around them. Mickey is passionate to providing exceptional service to his tenants and residents.

Another cause that is a fundamental aspect of Mickey’s philanthropic endeavors, is Rohr Chabad Jewish Center. Rohr Chabad Jewish Center focuses on using the arts as a means for creative self-expression and reflection for individuals in the downtown Brooklyn area. Mickey takes great passion in supporting an establishment that strongly believes in creating a space where all people can connect with Jewish values, culture, community and religion by empowering them to explore, learn, and grow intellectually, spiritually and socially.

Additionally, Mickey Berlianshik supports Children International, a nonprofit humanitarian organization that supports children and prepares youth to escape poverty traps. Children International addresses children’s critical needs through early intervention and regular interaction in community centers. Mickey recognizes the importance of the work that is being done with Children International and feels compelled to support such a cause.

Apart for Mickey Berlianshik’s devotion for his career, he is equally devoted to supporting the impactful initiatives of others. Mickey appreciates the success that he’s found throughout his career and looks to share that success amongst causes that he’s passionate about.